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We currently have a waiting list for new members wishing to join the choir

but please get in touch and we will add you to the waiting list.

Join the choir

Star Choir is run by Di Healey and is about great quality singing and entertaining the community -  whilst having fun and doing good.

To date we have raised over £22,000 for  a range of charities.

We sing a lovely mix of popular choral and  classical music and  you will really enjoy being part of a close community of women of all ages. 

"But I can't sing!" we hear you say. Not normally true. We admit that a very small percentage of us just cannot hold a note, or keep a beat, but most people can. You don't need to be a world class opera singer - or be able to read music - we all work together. So take the plunge and enjoy.

Come along and join us! Click here

How much does it cost:

£60 a term and there are 3 terms each year.

When and where: 

Knutsford Star Choir currently rehearse at 19:45 every Thursday evening at the Methodist Church on "Top Street"















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